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ABN Amro and Dell open Data research lab

The ‘Dataistic Centre’ was borne out of a partnership between ABN Amro and Dell EMC, to provide students and scientists an opportunity for in-depth data research in nearby Amstelveen. A range of hardware will be offered in conjunction with expertise and knowledge on not only data research, but banking and business.

Following Holland Fintech unveiling a guiding theme for 2019 being “Data is everything” , Patrick van de Coolwijk, Commercial Managing Director at Dell EMC Netherlands, echoed: “More and more data is becoming available every day, and can be used by scientists to create value.”

Such a data rich and reliant sector such as the financial services industry stands to gain from the next wave of student and scientist led research, given the developments such initiatives have already produced.

The timing of the opening could not be better, as the Netherlands braces itself for the arrival of PSD2, which will mandate access to an unheralded amount of financial data. A look across the channel foreshadows what the Netherlands can expect, with all ‘High St’ banks now offering open-banking apps and/or products. Not only will the ability to innovate and leverage financial data become increasingly integral, but the storage and acquisition of data itself. The now established GDPR requirements continue to give headaches to companies unsure or ill-equipped to manage their data, while others provide solutions to leverage GDPR compliancy and further segment their audience for more relevant targeting practices.

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