Connective Payments launches Business Maturity Quick Scan

Connective Payments launches Business Maturity Quick Scan

Connective Payments, a Dutch payment consultancy that helps companies throughout the payments value chain with strategy and implementation assistance, rolled out the Business Maturity Quick Scan. The Scan measures companies’ maturity regarding customer experience and operational excellence.

In its explanation of its Business Maturity Quick Scan, the payments outfit taps customer experience and operational excellence as critical drivers for business growth. The tool is divided into five focus areas: purposeful leadership; compelling brand values; employee engagement; customer connectedness; and operational capability. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once completed, an email is sent with the maturity results.

The tool is based on Temkin Group’s Competency & Maturity Assessment.

Ron de Bos, associate partner at Connective Payments, says the Scan can also be delivered as a workshop during corporate retreats of management teams. He also notes that:

“The Scan is of use to companies where customer experience is already a main focus, and it can also be integrated into enterprises that either have or desire to begin digital transformation programmes. The core value is to create value for the shareholder by putting customer value front-and-centre in business strategies.”

Ron de Bos

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