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Research At A Glance: Week 5

Decoding the Changing eCommerce Market in 2019: Inside Riskified’s Shopping and Fraud Behavior Report
by Riskfield

Broaching the spending habits of e-commerce consumers, this report exposes reasons why online shoppers complete or abandon a purchase, as well as the ‘compound’ costs of fraudulent experiences. Statistics unveil the flow-on effects of a case of fraud, as well as the quantifying the origins of online fraud.

Fintech hubs and governments vie for post-Brexit market share
by Bobsguide

Amidst the uncertainty perpetrated by Brexit, the UK’s thriving fintech and financial services industries are fleeing to continental hubs. This report details the various schemes governments are using to attract the immigrants to their hubs, with Frankfurt leading the charge, closely followed by Paris and Amsterdam.

AML/KYC Tracker
by Pymnts and Trulioo

This feature report deep-dives into the compliancy issues surrounding KYC and AML practices, but additionally recounts the effect fraud and con-men can have systemically. It highlights new products and initiatives aimed at combatting fraudulent and/or criminal activity online, and suggests improvements for current KYC and AML practices at an institutional level.

AI and AML
by TCS and BaNCS Research Journal

Concentrated on money laundering, this report underlines the trends being utilised to launder as well as painting a picture of where money launderers will look to in the future to funnel their ill-gotten gains. From a regulatory perspective, it highlights protocols institutions can use to ensure compliancy, as well as suggesting several newly developed AML technologies to increase their defences.

Crypto course correction: 10 years after bitcoin’s debut, a shift toward the mainstream
by Institute of International Finance

This report shines a light on the developing trends and adoptions in DLT that will help consolidate a stronger market going forward. Noting the increasingly positive regulatory response to the technologies, as well as bold new adoptions (such as Central Bank offered cryptocurrencies), they estimate a continued maturing of the industry.

AI & The Future of Work
by Credit Suisse Research Institute

Tackling a common fear of robotic derived redundancy, this report sources data about current job displacement and forecasts what increasing AI adoption will entail for future labour markets. Concluding that AI and other automising technologies are likely to decrease jobs in many lower-skilled positions, the report also predicts generation of a new breed of job vacancies. The report also looks at the legal, regulatory and ethical hurdles AI must overcome.

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