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Research At A Glance: Week 7

Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability
By bank Of Korea
This report echoes earlier concerns voiced by the Bank of International Settlements that central bank issued digital currencies (CBDC) pose a risk to both monetary policy and financial stability. Amongst other concerns, the paper contains models that show how a CBDC could result in ‘bank panic’ due to cash shortfall, and/or resultant higher interest rates. 
Cashing Out: The hidden costs and consequences of moving to a cashless society
Despite rapid digital adoption, this report finds that physical cash and bank branches will remain a necessity, co-existing alongside digital services, concluding that their eradication would hurt SMEs and poorer individuals the most. It recommends a governmental strategy to ensure physical cash and branches remain in operation. 
The Call to Act: Women in Alternative Investments
Highlighting insights gathered from a survey of alternative investment experts and interviews with industry leaders, this report focuses on the meaningful advances in gender diversity. It also provides a guide and examples of how companies can promote gender diversity and inclusion at every level of the once male dominated sector. 
The productivity agenda: moving beyond cost reduction in financial services
By PwC
Undertaking to discover the most innovative and successful responses to productivity improvement within the financial services industry, this paper uncovers the most effective ways to automate processes and shift a workforce’s structure. It also discusses the different business models and structures able to compete with both incumbents and digital challengers. 
It’s now open banking: do you know what your commercial clients want from it?
By Accenture
Whereas personal accounts enjoy a suite of APIs and are able to embrace the benefits of the open banking wave, their commercial counterparts do not have the luxury of the same access. This report highlights the demand for such services exhibited by commercial account holders, and how banks can meet these needs and capture the market. 
M&A Market Report 1H 2019: Fintech
By Hampelton
Overviewing the sector’s M&A deals in 2018, this report seeks to uncover the trends that can be expected to persist in 2019. It breaks deals down by sub-sector and region, concluding that B2B SaaS providers to financial institutions made the greatest waves, roboadvisory is quickly gaining traction and is set to attract huge attention in the year ahead, with machine learning and AI likely to carry the sector’s continued success. 

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