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Research At A Glance: Week 8

Older and wiser: Is responsible investment coming of age?  

By PwC

This study focuses on attitudes and actions regarding ESG factors in private equity, finding that many investors prioritise SDGs relevant to their investments, are concerned with climate risks in their portfolios, have either adopted or are creating a responsible investment policy, and are generally becoming more concerned with the connection between their industry and areas like human rights and the environment.

FinTechs in Sub-Saharan Africa: An overview of market developments and investment opportunities

By PwC

The sub-Sharan market presents many opportunities for fintech investment, yet it hasn’t attracted the same attention from international investors as fintechs in Europe, Asia, and North America. Given this, this report defines the regions fintech landscape, details international fintechs in the region, what investors are doing in the region, the regulatory environment, and more.

Saving woes stretch retirement outlook: Europe’s savers may fight to meet future money goals


This report is based on an international survey carried out several times a year that tries to understand how people around the world spend, save, invest, and generally feel about money. Its findings point to the fact that many people barely manage to meet their needs, mobile apps may make spending easy, but not saving, many expect to keep working in retirement and even fear retiring. The report also gives additional insights into peoples’ preparation for and views on retirement.

FinTech and market structures in financial services: Market developments and potential financial stability implications


This paper looks at how fintech developments are changing, or will potentially change, the current financial system and may affect subsequent financial stability. The fintech developments in question are non-bank providers of bank-like services cooperating or competing against traditional financial institutions, bigtechs entering the financial services market, and the reliance of third party providers for cloud services.

Finding the Next Unicorn: When Big Data Meets Venture Capital

By Johannes Weibl and Thomas Hess, LMU Munich

VCs traditionally screen and evaluate potential start-ups based on their personal experiences, network, and qualitative evaluations. However, this paper looks at how taking a quantitative, data-driven approach can impact the above processes and can lead to reduced operational costs in the short term and increase long-term ROI.

The Pulse of Fintech 2018


Wrapping up 2018, this report overviews what’s occurred during the year regarding fintech investments. The report looks at investments on a global level as well as in the following regions: the Americas; the US; Europe; and Asia.

FinTech in Sub-Saharan African Countries: A Game Changer?


This paper looks at where the region stands in terms of fintech, and convers an array of topics, such as how it can be used to deepen financial inclusion, how regtech and suptech can buttress financial stability, and the state of mobile money in the region.

Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2017-2022

By Cisco

As the latest edition in Cisco’s series on tracking visual networking applications’ impact on global networks, this white paper takes a sweeping view on mobile traffic and data, finding that, amongst other things, by 2022 the average smartphone will generate 11GB of traffic per month. The paper also details mobile networking trends.

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