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Wirecard embarks on expansion expedition

The Munich-based digital payments and commerce solution provider has not only extended the reach of their mobile payments app to Spain, Ireland and the UK, but has also partnered and integrate Alipay as a payment option in Germany.  The mobile app, boon, is mobile provider and bank bank agnostic, and can be added to payment platforms: Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, and as of now, Google Pay. 

boon secures card details against theft at the point of sale and taps into biometric fingerprint verification technologies imbedded in smartphones to provide a frictionless mobile payments option. Wirecard have long been advocates of transforming payments into the digital age to present consumers with fast and easy payments, with the Executive Vice President Consumer Solutions at Wirecard, stating: “We are constantly seeking to drive the digitization of payments forward, and bring the most innovative solutions to the hands of consumers”.

In another partnership, Wirecard and Alipay have teamed up to allow merchants greater access to the Chinese tourism market, which is likely to unlock an expected increase of more than 350% in the amount spent by Chinese tourists within one year (where Alipay is offered) according to Markets Insider. Catharina Tiede, Head of Partner Management, Consumer Goods at Wirecard, estimates “When travelling to Europe, Chinese guests spend on average 3,000 euro per person on shopping,” which could signal a huge coup for both local merchants and Wirecard.

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