Angels descend to boost Finturi with EUR 2 million

Angels descend to boost Finturi with EUR 2 million

Angels descend to boost Finturi with EUR 2 million

Finturi wield an arsenal of blockchain and artificial intelligence to bring a new way of invoice financing to the market. Connecting businesses and financiers through their platform, they will use smart contracts to ensure reduced speed and cost of transactions and the security of blockchain to build a simplified user experience. 

With the release pegged for Q3 2019, the EUR 2 million angel investment from NetSam Participaties BV will fuel the platform’s development and launch. In a vision shared by Finturi and their lead investor, they envisage optimising the entire supply chain finance industry with the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Johannes Brouwer, CEO of Finturi, explained the importance of their platform:

“Even though small and medium enterprises contribute significantly to the economy, it is often challenging for them to raise working capital. The newer the business, the higher the difficulty it faces to raise working capital. We want to solve this problem. We want to build a robust product that enables businesses to get a loan against invoices within 24 hours. We want to provide financiers with a platform for investing in invoices with minimum hassle”.

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