Capgemini partnership to extend IoT platform

Capgemini partnership to extend IoT platform

Capgemini partnership to extend IoT platform

Intent on introducing an IoT device management platform premised on secure connectivity for a wide array of devices and data, Capgemini and IDEMIA have partnered to face the growing smart devices frontier. 

This partnership comes out of a joint understanding that even though cybersecurity costs have dramatically risen over the last half-decade, the opportunities IoT will present a swathe of industries over the coming years is too promising to ignore. Capgemini noted that use cases such as in e-health are being prevented due to scaleability and security concerns, which the two companies complementarily hold expertise in.

Jean-Pierre Petit, Director of Digital Manufacturing at Capgemini, had this to say about the budding platform:

“The basic foundation of product or industrial analytics and AI is connectivity coupled with security. Capgemini’s agreement with IDEMIA will provide a unique, fully agnostic, configurable and highly secure platform from an end-point device to the cloud.”

Capgemini specialise in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, developing a reputation for enabling business ambitions through strategic and operational expertise. Their current ambition, the secure IoT device management platform, will be aided by IDEMIA’s emphasis on secure augmented identity verification.

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