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Company Announcement: Dutch startup Finturi uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to help businesses grow

By Finturi

Based out of the Hague in the Netherlands, Dutch startup Finturi connects businesses with financiers and enables businesses to borrow money against invoices. It makes invoice financing secure, low-cost, quick and easy with the use of new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

What is invoice financing?

For those new to the word, invoice financing is a way for businesses to borrow money against pending invoices. Invoice financing helps businesses improve cash flow, pay employees and suppliers, and reinvest in operations and growth earlier than they could, if they had to wait until their customers paid their balances in full. Invoice financing can solve problems associated with customers taking a long time to pay and difficulties obtaining other types of business credit.

Win-Win situation for businesses and financiers

Finturi’s solution helps both the sides of the ecosystem. For Businesses, Finturi automates the entire process from onboarding to payment, reducing cost and time. This means that businesses can get loans against invoices in a hassle-free manner and at the best interest rates quickly.

At the same time Finturi provides financiers with a platform to diversify their investments. It does the risk assessment using artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide them with a health score for business. They just need to invest money in a couple of clicks and earn honest returns in short time. Finturi also provides financiers with a dashboard so that they can glance at their investments quickly.

Strong team in place

Finturi’s strength lies in its team. While in many parts of the world, use cases of blockchain technology are yet being tested, Finturi already has a team who has built blockchain based products earlier. Finturi’s team consists of extremely passionate individuals ready to disrupt the invoice financing industry.

Working prototype ready

Finturi already has a working prototype ready. Finturi is testing this prototype with a select few businesses and financiers. Finturi plans to release a version of the product open to public in the third quarter of 2019.


Finturi plans to start with this platform connecting businesses and financiers. At a later stage, it aims to build a peer to peer invoice financing platform which also involves clients of businesses along with businesses and financiers. Finturi’s end goal is to make the entire process of supply chain financing, much more efficient and faster with the use of technology.

Johannes Brouwer, CEO, Finturi said:

“At Finturi we share a clear mission – To together solve cash flow problems of businesses, through cutting edge technology, experienced team and a commitment to excellence. I believe that these words truly capture the essence of our company and give Finturi the competitive advantage to be the invoice financing platform of choice for businesses and financiers from across the globe.”

Finturi has recently released their vision paper. To know more about Finturi’s solution, you can download the vision paper here.







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