Owlin, Givt win big at NRC Live 2019 Fintech Impact Awards

Owlin, Givt win big at NRC Live 2019 Fintech Impact Awards

Owlin, Givt win big at NRC Live 2019 Fintech Impact Awards

Owlin, which gives risk mangers the ability to monitor entire investment portfolios using near real-time news analysis, came out on top with the Fintech Impact Award, which was chosen via jury. Givt, a mobile application-based giving and donation solution, took home the Audience Prize at the NRC live event. 

Owlin and Givt were in the running for the awards with next generation stock exchange Nxchange, pin-based SME finance platform PinVoorschot, online wealth management platform Doebleleggen, and Invers, a company specialised in analysing consumer spending patterns and self-styled fintech enabler.

The NRC Live event where the two companies won their awards took place 7 March, 2019 in Zaandam. It centred on the future of finance and looking at how financial services providers can bring about open innovation and stay relevant in a quickly-changing ecosystem while keeping the client front and centre.

The event saw Holland FinTech CEO and founder Don Ginsel encourage attendees at the NRC live gathering to recalibrate and hone-in on how they can solve societal problems and not become distracted by headline-stealing topics like blockchain and AI, which can be used to achieve many ends.

The day also saw topics like data, algorithms, and credit scoring take stage alongside neo banks N26, bunq, Moneyou, and speakers from ING, Mastercard, BankiFi, and fintech research firm Burnmark.

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