Research at a Glance: Week 10

Research at a Glance: Week 10

Research at a Glance: Week 10

Early Lessons on Regulatory Innovations to Enable Inclusive FinTech
By UNSGSA, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Monetary Authority of Singapore

This report takes as its point of departure the idea that inclusive financial innovation cannot be realised without the right regulatory environment. To do this, countries employ various means including regtech for regulators, innovation offices, and regulatory sandboxes, all of which this report considers. Read more

Banking and capital markets trends 2019
By PwC

Undertaking to highlight the key role of people within the financial services industry, this report sets out the effects of skills and people shortages, proceeding to devise strategies to ensure that technological innovation is spurred in concurrence with workforce sustenance to fully appreciate the benefits of such technology. Read more

Digital Finance and Citizen Action In Financing the Future of Climate-smart Infrastructure
By United Nations Environment Programme

The key to combatting climate may be elusive, but this report highlights the role that financial technology has to play in order to engage consumers to alter their financial behaviour to mitigate climate change. It names business model innovation, new sources of finance, consumer choice and behaviour and improved systems and data as the areas in which fintech can help. Read more

APIs for Dummies 

This book takes readers through what APIs are and shows readers how to apply APIs to meet business challenges. The book covers data monetisation, good API design, implementing API programmes, and more. Read more

Access to cash review March 2019 Final Report
By Access to cash

Using statistics from the UK, this report warns that “Sleepwalking into a cashless society will leave millions behind”. It addresses the dependency of cash of various sections of the community, and the adverse effects observed by closer-to-cashless countries around the world. It proposes action that will not only keep cash available, but viable in society. Read more

Remittance market & blockchain technology
By Blockdata

Highlighting the growing remittance market, this report showcases the vast benefits that fintech has to offer the industry, as blockchain has enabled remittances 388 times faster and 127 times cheaper. It also analyses the current fintech start-ups innovating in the space as both the issues and potential they face. Read more

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