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Research at a Glance: Week 11

Scalability Interoperability and Sustainability of Blockchains
By The European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum

What’s going on in blockchain in Europe, and what will the future of the technology look like in the region, especially regarding large-scale blockchain platforms? This paper tackles these matters, giving an overview of the European blockchain industry, issues and challenges facing the tech, success factors for large-scale blockchain projects, and gives policy recommendations. Read more 

EU alternative investment funds

In this report, the ESMA presents its first-ever statistical report on alternative investment funds in the EU. As such, this sweeping endeavour overviews market structure and developments and covers hedge funds, real estate funds, private equity funds, funds of funds, and more. Read more

Paradigm shift in financial market
By PwC Switzerland

This report tackles the legal and economic impacts of the EU Action Plan Sustainable Finance on Switzerland’s financial sector. It details sustainable finance in Switzerland as well as on a European-wide scale, comparing and contrasting their characteristics. It also dives into the impact of the action plan on various actors in the Swiss financial industry amongst other matters. Read more 

Unlocking Digital Competition: Report of the Digital Competition Expert Panel
By Digital Competition Expert Panel (UK)

Firstly assessing the meritocracy of digital economies from a governmental perspective, the report leads to a range of proposals on how to increase digital competition and fully leverage the benefits of digitisation. The key proponents are a code of competitive conduct and an industry relevant merger policy, both to be overseen by a digital markets unit. Read more 


This report dissects African governments’ initiatives to open up their datasets to impact economies, improve social equity and stimulate innovation. It takes a country by country approach to assessing the impact open governmental data is, and could have, and notes key recommendations to not only increase access to governmentally held data, but spur its productive use. Read more

Moving toward gender balance in private equity and venture capital
By Oliver Wyman, RockCreek, IFC

Addressing the gender imbalance at both institutional and portfolio company levels, this report finds that women investors tend to invest in a more gender balanced portfolio, which in turn is evidentially linked to higher returns and valuations. It also uncovers how general partners view gender diversity as important when investing, yet the vast majority do not encroach the subject during due diligence. Read more

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