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Research at a Glance: Week 12

Cashing in on the trends: marketing in the banking sector 
By Kin + Carta

In overviewing the key trends in digital marketing amongst banks, this report is able to ascertain the effective methods and strategies to reach and engage different consumer groups. It also addresses the increasing conversion to cashlessness due to the underlying convenience, and transposes that lesson into business models and strategies for banks. Read more

Discover the Patterns in Personality 
By Accenture

This report, generated by a consumer research, poignantly distill key insights that can direct better business strategy particularly in financial services. It segments consumers by characteristics (into pioneers, pragmatists, sketics and traditionalists) and notes how businesses can target their interests and persuasions. The key takeaways for financial services are demand for integrated and personalised services, continued integration (but not replacement) of physical and digital channels, and digital trust – in part built by data sharing for reciprocated benefits. Read more

Future of financial services Disruption through technology, regulation and consumer choice
By Willis Towers Watson

In summarising the trends that have led to the ‘fintech’ revolution, this report addresses the driving factors that are likely to shape financial services, and how this will impact the service offerings and job compositions within those sub-sectors. It also delves into the financial applications of blockchain (past cryptocurrency) and the regulatory landscape that is prompting automation. Read more

Asset and wealth management trends 2019
By PwC

Noting that the asset and wealth management industry is amidst a productivity rut, this CEO driven report outlines three key strategies to drive productivity and returns during this disruptive period. It highlights aggressive technology adoption (particularly in data analytics), and agile M&A as pressing solutions to dwindling productivity – both of which should generate excitement for fintech firms. Read more

Digital and Digitized Assets: Federal and State Jurisdictional Issues
By American Bar Association

This thorough overview of the US’s regulatory environment for crypto and digital assets combs through how regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission treat the assets. It also tackles issues like jurisdictional overlap and even dives into global regulations on digital assets and blockchain, taking a look at selected countries in Europe and Asia. Read more

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