Celent offers vendor matching service

Celent offers vendor matching service

Celent offers vendor matching service

Celent, a leading research, advisory, and fintech consulting firm, created the service, called VendorMatch, to bring together vendors offering technology solutions with companies seeking these solutions.

Celent offers the service free of charge and companies can enter their information, solutions, news, and events on the Digital Services section of the company’s website to gain exposure and add a fruitful channel for marketing and sales efforts. Additionally, Celent will use companies’ information for research.

Once companies enter information about themselves and their products, parties seeking their solutions can search for the offerings. Vendors and buyers are matched via a proprietary algorithm which ranks vendors according to how their solutions fit the needs of buyers.

Parties interested in registering on VendorMatch can do so via following the instructions here.

The service is currently free, as it is in an introductory phase; however, once this phase is complete, premium services will be offered. Listing on the platform will always be without cost.

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