Klarna launches smooth authentication platform

Klarna launches smooth authentication platform

Klarna launches smooth authentication platform

Klarna have launched a global authentication platform that aggregates multiple global and local solutions, all the while championing customer experience with personalised authentication. With PSD2 introducing enhanced security measures, Klarna set out to ‘smooth’ over the increased burden otherwise passed onto consumers by allowing businesses to tailor the authentication process to their brand and customer group through one simple integration. 

Having already dedicated themselves to a payments platform that prioritises customer experience, the Swedish outfit turned their hand to ensuring digital trust between consumers and online brands continues to be developed with the release of this authentication aggregator. Considering the wave of recent regulatory requirements, Klarna have once again converted a pain-point in the customer journey to another opportunity to build digital trust and enhance that journey. While the platform does include Klarna’s self-developed global identity solutions, the power of it lies in the integration of a suite of other authentication solutions, that has its sights firmly set on removing friction for consumers and allowing businesses to strengthen their brand.

Nir Aravot, Product Manager Customer Authentication Platform at Klarna, says:

“At Klarna we have a relentless focus on the customer experience. Security is not an excuse for a poor experience, and we know that customers will simply not accept it. Offering an authentication platform that minimises the friction, offers a personalised experience and doesn’t compromise the overall user flow, will not only benefit customers everywhere, but also provide a competitive advantage for businesses.”

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