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Research At A Glance: Week 13

2019 Women in Tech Report
By Hacker Rank

This paper surveys over 12,000 developers who identify as women, and particularly discusses insights about women belonging to Generation Z, who are digital natives. For example, Gen Z women are learning to code younger than previous generations. Read more


Fintech in Latin America and the Caribbean: Stocktaking

This working paper documents the evolution of fintech in Latin America and the Caribbean, looking at financial development, cybersecurity, risks to financial integrity and stability, regulatory responses, alternative finance, and cross-border payments. Read more


Bank X: The New New Banks
By Citi

It’s no secret that challenger banks have had an impact on banking, and have inextricably changed the face of the industry. This paper takes as its point of departure the idea that incumbent banks should build their own challengers. As such, this sweeping report overviews incumbent challenger banks, standalone challengers, and big tech and telco-led challengers. Read more


Unchained: Supervision in an open banking sector
By De Nederlandsche Bank

Both technology and regulations are changing the face of banking for incumbents as the sector becomes more open. This paper by the Dutch Central Bank analyses the consequences of banking opening up on prudential and integrity supervision. Read more


Report on best practices on licencing requirements, peer-to-peer insurance and the principle of proportionality in an insurtech context
By European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority

Insurtech has long been pegged as a major disruptor, with this report mapping the current landscape and regulatory environment. It details major issues facing the sector and the best practices to overcome them, as well as deep-diving into P2P insurance in a market wide case study. Read more


How to make crowdfunding work in Europe
By Dmitry Chervyakov and Jörg Rocholl

Honing in on crowdfunding trends across the globe this policy contribution assesses the fundraising statistics behind the fintech-driven lending platforms, separating them into regions, interest rates and types of project. Penultimately addressing current regulation and then its shortcomings, the contribution finds that MiFID (II) is inadequately designed for crowdfunding, and there are insufficient ‘best practices’ found across the globe. Read more


Financial Services Regulation
By DLA Piper

Overseeing the regulatory landscape developments across global jurisdiction, this paper highlights the potential eventualities of Brexit, the EU regulatory approach to crypto-assets and key lessons from the US and Luxembourg. Of particular interest is their analysis of how Brexit is likely to effect each financial services sub-sector, and specific regulatory developments in those fields. Read more


Seizing the opportunity: Building the Toronto Region into a global fintech leader
By Accenture, Toronto Finance International, McMillan

Toronto can be viewed as an up-and-coming fintech hub and this report, its second iteration following its 2017 edition, goes over the maturity of the city’s fintech scene, its participants’ partnership models, regulation, and compares the city with other major global fintech hubs. Read more

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