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Rabobank IDB becomes PSD2 compliant using Sopra Banking Software

Rabobank International Direct Bank (IDB) is a savings bank that also has payments capabilities operating in Germany and Belgium. Sopra Banking Software‘s Digital Experience Platform (DxP) will assist the bank in its PSD2 compliance.

The digital banking and finance software provider’s solution was chosen by the Dutch bank because it came with preconfigured digital services and has the flexibility to easily integrate into the future’s Open Banking provisions. Hendrik Hofkens, delivery manager at Rabobank IDB, said Sopra Banking Software’s DxP ,“greatly helped us deliver our compliancy requirements to the market,” and that the bank software provider’s work on the project “ensured an easy and smooth launch of our PSD2 compliant solution”.

The two parties have been collaborating for over 15 years.

Sopra Banking Software’s DxP assists banks and financial services companies become PSD2-compliant by supplying a sandbox, giving them access to solutions to manage third party providers and payment service users as well as monitoring and analytics tools to take advantage of the increased data generated by PSD2.

Duco de Lange, managing director of Sopra Banking Software Netherlands, said the following about the partnership:

“For PSD2 compliance, the goal was to meet a tight regulatory deadline with a robust and flexible solution, and the scale to remain compliant with multiple players. We are proud of the continued confidence Rabobank IDB has in our company and our solutions, and to have participated in one of the first projects of PSD2 compliance in Europe with them.”

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