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Research at a Glance: Week 18

AI: The future of work? Work of the future!
By European Commission

Noting the already widespread usage of AI, this report aims to dispel common fears of AI-caused redundancy and instead concentrates on how automation can instead be used to sculpt a more productive labour market. It concludes that resistance will in fact lead to lower human employability, and that instead the greatest contribution to full employment is better management of the transition towards automation and education surrounding it. Read more

BANK X The New New Banks
By Citi

An interesting perspective on the rise of challenger banks, incumbent-borne digital banks and the insurgence of ‘BigTech’ banking from Citi, who dissect the banking services being disrupted and the consumer-led causes behind it. It interviews key market players to breakdown each geographic market into prevailing trends and developments guided by successful use cases. Read more

Illicit Financial Flows to and from 148 Developing Countries: 2006-2015
By Global Financial Integrity

This report looks at illicit flows into and out of developing market nations resulting from their trade with advanced economies, finding that these illicit flows are ‘persistent features’ of the transactions. It also notes that misinvoicing is an impediment to sustainable growth in the developing world. Read more

CEE Fintech Atlas 2018 Exclusive insights into 19 fintech ecosystems in Central and Eastern Europe
By Raiffeisen Bank International

This report methodically summarises the ecosystems of Central and Eastern European countries, focusing on fintech investment activity, leading fintech innovators and the general cultural and demographic landscape. It uncovers the relative opportunities in South-Eastern Europe where ‘digital penetration’ is significantly lower, and marks Russia and Croatia as more mature digital markets but Belarus and Ukraine as ‘hidden champions’. Read more

Blockchain Gets Down to Business
By Deloitte Insights

Examining the companies’ shifting position from ‘blockchain tourists’ to serious adopters, this study details the year-on-year change in survey responses and highlights regulatory support, emerging uses and regional analysis. German, Swiss and Luxembourgish companies showed the greatest willingness to invest in blockchain, with more than half naming blockchain as within the top 5 strategic priorities. Read more

2018 European Scaleups Report
By Omar Mohout

This report gives an overview of investment in scale-ups and high-growth tech companies in 35 European countries. It finds, amongst other things, that in 2018, investments in scale-ups rose slightly over 2017, with investment amounts jumping 13 points, and IPOs and ICOs fell by almost half from their 2017 levels. Despite this, it concludes that Europe possess a mature tech ecosystem. Read more

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