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Research At A Glance: Week 20

The Rise of Fintech And the frontier of finance
By Wells Fargo

Using investment statistics to validate market movement, insurtech is highlighted as growing rapidly as fintech carriers are gaining the ability to become full-stack insurance providers. While many fintechs are lauded as promising, their exit strategies are questioned, as the report notes most will become M&A targets rather than going public. It also highlights that banks’ penchant for developing technologies in-house is slowly changing.

B2B Payments and Fintech Guide 2019
The Paypers

This guide details innovations in the way businesses transact across a number of areas such as instant payments, cross-border payments, B2B commerce, and payments infrastructure. It features contributions by industry leaders such as Deutsche Bank, SWIFT, Banking Circle, Rabobank, and Innopay.

Tech in banking: in strong demand but adopted with care

Often considered a frontrunner amongst incumbents for digital adoption, ING have released a report detailing their market observations. They note consumers becoming increasingly active in managing their own finances but have a limited understanding and cautious sentiment towards PSD2. Interestingly, the report also found that most consumers want banks to keep offering the newest technologies even if they are not ready to adopt them before the waters are tested by others, and while they appreciate robo-advice or AI driven services, they do not want to give up ‘the driver’s seat’.

Global Economy Watch 

This short report gives an overview of Africa’s growth, discusses weak global inflation, and takes a dive into the manufacturing sector’s impact on the global economy since mid-year 2018.

Central Clearing in the U.S Treasury Cash Market

Besides electronic and automated trading, the US treasury cash market has been transformed in recent years by a shift from central to bilateral clearing for trades on the treasury market. This paper analyses the risks and resiliency issues surrounding bilateral clearing, examines how central clearing mitigates risks, and overviews solutions that support the increased uptake of central clearing.

Financial Services Innovating Customer Experience
By Acquire

The customer has been hailed as the epicentre of fintech disruption, and this report surveys both banking customers and financial institutions to reveal their sentiment towards the banking experience. It shows that more than half of customers would cease relations with a company after experiencing poor customer service, while 65% of financial institutions believe that the key to empowering good service is the right technology.

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