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The Paypers launches B2B Payments and Fintech Guide 2019

The publication focuses on innovations regarding how businesses transact, and looks at the trends and lessons learned from what’s going on in the B2B payments space. To do this, it assembled a host of thought-leaders to write on various topics such as instant payments, cross border payments, payments infrastructure, B2B commerce, e-invoicing and more.

The guide begins with giving an overview of the current B2B payments landscape, with particular attention to fraud prevention and security, and also highlighting use-cases driving innovation in the space, like Banking Circle’s Virtual IBAN. It also overviews the importance of B2B commerce.

After the above, the guide turns to B2B payments infrastructure, diving into issues like trade finance, cash management, the quickening of online B2B purchasing, the reduction of supply chains, and the rise of faster payments systems. Here, amongst other notable offerings, The Paypers includes an interview with Rabobank’s Blockchain Lead, Chris Huls, about current developments in the bank’s  blockchain trade finance platform.  Other highlights from the chapter include Innopay partner Ester Groen writing on new business models, and how data sharing could become a fruitful business for corporate treasurers, and Payment Counsel co-founder Nadja van der Veer touching on the hot topics of Open Banking and instant payments. Here, van der Veer specifically covers PSD2’s impact on instant payments.

Lastly, the guide moves to tackle e-invoicing and billing, noting the “systemic and regulatory” change regarding e-invoicing, a shift fuelled by European public administrative authorities being mandated to have the structures in place to receive structured e-invoices from suppliers.


You can download the B2B Payments and Fintech Guide 2019 here

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