Apple iPhones get Innovalor’s ReadID

Apple iPhones get Innovalor’s ReadID

Apple iPhones get Innovalor’s ReadID

Innovalor is a Netherlands-based company offering digital innovation services and products. Their ReadID product, which provides NFC-based mobile identity verification, can now be used with Apple devices due to Apple allowing access to its NFC. This enables iOS devices to read the RFID chips in ePassports and identity cards.

The functionality became available with the beta version of iOS 13, released last week. The beta is open only to developers, with a public release expected for September 2019.

Innovalor’s ReadID product is used by leading banks such as ING, Rabobank, de Volksbank, and Norway’s DNB. In a press release, Innovalor states that “NFC-based identity document verification is more secure and providers more user convenience” when compared to other approaches to identity verification.

Previously, ReadID was only available for Android devices.

Maarten Wegdam, CEO of Innovalor, says that the company is excited to provide ReadID on iPhones. “As virtually every citizen and consumer with a smartphone can now use ReadID, we are convinced this will have a major impact on the online use cases such as mobile onboarding for banks. This will accelerate digitalization while reducing identity fraud,” Wegdam concludes.

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