Apvera sets up European headquarters in the Netherlands, joins Hague Security Delta

Apvera, a Singapore-based company providing solutions in cybersecurity risk management technology, set up its European headquarters in the Netherlands as part of its global expansion plans. In the Netherlands, Apvera seeks to both onboard new clients and local partners along with strengthening its position in the EMEA.

Coinciding with their arrival in the Netherlands, Apvera also joined the Hague Security Delta. The Hague Security Delta brings together government, business, and think tanks to collaborate on creating innovative solutions in cybersecurity.

Eric Meyer, CEO of Apvera, comments that they are,“ fully committed to providing the industry continued innovation. By joining HSD we look forward to discussing key security issues with other members of the cluster while fomenting awareness and knowledge”.

Apvera believes that companies should have a complete view of cybersecurity threats in order to effectively manage cybersecurity risk, and this entails looking at an organisation’s policies as well as its employees and their behaviour and an enterprise’s sometimes disparate security systems.




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