Buckaroo rolls out Apple Pay for Dutch merchants

Buckaroo rolls out Apple Pay for Dutch merchants

Buckaroo rolls out Apple Pay for Dutch merchants

Buckaroo, a Netherlands-based PSP, made the announcement 11 June as Apple Pay also became available for customers of ING bank, and Apple premium reseller Amac slotted in as one of the first Dutch webstores to roll out the payments service.

 Jelle Hoes, CTO at Buckaroo, spoke on the addition of Apple Pay in terms of merchant demand amongst stores with international customers: “We’ve noticed that demand for Apple Pay is high among Dutch webstores with an international clientele. The payment market is shifting to digital wallets.”

Buckaroo assisted Amac with integrating Apply Pay with the help of ecommerce solutions outfit MediaCT.

The Netherlands was one of the last European countries to introduce Apply Pay. Holland FinTech CEO Don Ginsel remarked on radio station BNR’s Tech Update that it took so long to land in the Netherlands due to the low cost of payments transactions, making it difficult for the tech giant to turn a profit in the low country

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