Factris supports local SME financing with platform update

Factris supports local SME financing with platform update

Factris supports local SME financing with platform update

Factris, an Amsterdam-based invoice factoring company, launched an update to its Finance Automation for Business (FAB) platform. The new version enables the team in Amsterdam to deliver support to local sales teams and partners in other cities across Europe. Factris says this “will significantly increase the quality and speed of their financing services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout the continent”.

Additionally, the updated version of FAB offers local businesses the range of Factris’ solutions.

The current financing market for SMEs is one where they struggle to access the funding they need to build and grow their businesses. Factris has responded to this need, according to the press release, by not only offering SMEs remarkable financial tools and services, such as factoring and invoice financing, but also honing on delivering services locally. “Financing is an inherently local business, and Factris has solved the problem by ‘scaling local’”, says CEO Brian Reaves, continuing, “We’re providing the tools to enable local people to work together efficiently”.

Recently, Factris also expanded to Latvia, as that market is primed for alternative financing.

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