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Research At A Glance: Week 22

Open banking opens opportunities for greater customer value
By KPMGAs open banking goes global, and begins to include jurisdictions that are not mandating the concept such as in the US, this note highlights how increased consumer knowledge surrounding it will drive even more demand for open banking models to be adopted. It also shows how several markets are now questioning whether to extend the open banking concept to other segments such as insurance and pensions. Albeit briefly, it also highlights the types of market players and how they are leveraging new regulations and market demand.The digital customer experience of retail banks in Spain – Part 1 : Digital Usage Status
By D-ratingAlthough limited to Spanish retail banks, this study provides valuable insight into the ways in which those banks are using their digital channels, and the relative success of their methods. In Spain, the majority of banks have mobile-first consumers, with neo-banks starting to dominate online usage and engagement rates – albeit joined by some quickly digitising incumbents such as BBVA and Bankinter.

The new Chinese unicorns: Seizing opportunity in China’s burgeoning economy 
By PwC

China’s economy has been defined by steady economic growth, and this combined with rapid modernisation has created many unicorns, amongst them household names such as Tencent, Alibaba,, and Baidu. This report comprises interviews of leading executives at 101 companies with high valuations, who detailed why they’re growing so fast and what has made them successful.

In gold we trust report
By incrementum

Trust is a key element not only in our personal lives but acts as the glue that keeps our world together, especially when it comes to money. Using this as the backdrop, this report looks at the many ways trust has been eroded in the monetary system and makes an argument for gold as being a stalwart when it comes to sound investment.

Supervision Outlook 2019
By De Nederlandsche Bank

Beginning by outlining the main risks, challenges and trends the Dutch Central Bank has observed in the financial services sector, this outlook sets out the imminent regulatory changes before diving deeper into their regulatory outlooks by sub-sector. High on their agenda is licensing under recent PSD2 implementations, and a proactive approach to highlighting insurtech developments to traditional insurance providers.

The Geography of FinTech 
By Hyun-Soo Choi and Roger K. Loh

This paper dives into the impact small shifts in access to physical banking locations, in this case ATMs, can have on fintech adoption, as many banks are currently shutting down physical operations and users are taking up digital banking. It finds that as physical locations close, users are more likely to use a bank’s digital platform. Additionally, as this happens, those who move to digital are less likely to run into minimum balance penalties, and the paper also finds that small changes in geography can also impact financial inclusion. Read more



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