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Research At A Glance: Week 24

World Fintech Report 2019
Capgemini and Efma

Open Banking is the name of the game in financial services, and this paper posits that the industry is moving away from the sector-transforming paradigm to one they call “Open X”. This is will come about because the sector is currently moving from products to customer experience, from an emphasis on assets to data, shared access in place of ownership, and partnerships instead of building or buying. Hence, Open X is a phase where customer data insights, collaboration, and API standardisation reign.


The Financial Technology Law Review
Thomas A. Frick, Editor

This sweeping tome surveys what’s going on in fintech in many of the world’s major markets such as the UK, the US, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, and the Netherlands, from the world’s leading law firms. It touches on tech like blockchain, AI, and smart contacts and issues like big data, ICOs, digital identity, and, of course, regulation.


2019 Internet Trends Report
Mary Meeker

The report that doesn’t need an introduction: it’s 333 slides of the most important internet trends and stats from former Kleiner Perkins general partner and Bond Capital founder Mary Meeker. It covers a number of topics including data, ecommerce, freemium business models, and more.


The age of digital interdependence
UN High Panel on Digital Cooperation

Digital tech is changing society, and with these changes come increases in opportunity as well as challenges, or as this report puts it, “digital dividends co-exist with digital divides”. This calls for an improvement in digital governance and cooperation and as such, this report looks at topics like financial inclusion, empowering marginalised groups and protecting human rights in a digital age, and cybersecurity.


FinTech in India: A study of privacy and security commitments
The Centre for Internet & Society

Fintech is growing in India due to mobile technology and mobile connectivity. This report looks at the privacy side of things. It seeks to understand exactly how Indian fintechs view privacy and what their standards are when it comes to not only that but security. It does this by analysing organisational privacy policies.


Evaluation of the effects of financial regulatory reform on small and medium-sized enterprise financing
Financial Stability Board

As banks still provide SMEs with the majority of their external funding, the regulatory reforms most pertinent to them are 2010’s initial Basel III requirements. Thus, this paper reviews the effect of Basel III on SME financing, concluding that the reforms have, generally, not negatively affected SME financing. However, the effects can vary according to jurisdiction.

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