What to Expect: Amsterdam Fintech Week, 7 June

The last day of our Amsterdam Fintech Week (XFW) is nigh! XFW assembles various fintech events held during the week of Money20/20, where many of the world’s most innovative fintech and financial services minds assemble. Below is an overview of what XFW has in store for tomorrow, 7 June.


Blockchain Innovation Conference

What: This is the 6th edition of the Benelux’s largest blockchain conference and will be hosted by ABN AMRO. It brings together entities from start-ups to corporates to share knowledge and discuss the latest in blockchain.

When: 08:00 -19:00

Where: CIRCL

Please note: this even is not free


Holland FinTech Meetup XL

What: Our monthly meetup is going big! This event features a panel discussion on the highlights of Money20/20 AND pitches from Ohpen, Blanco Services, OlinData, Apvera, and Rewire.

When: 15:00 – 20:00

Where: Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken, Gustav Mahlerplein 29-35, Amsterdam




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