Where to find Holland FinTech at Money20/20 Europe

Where to find Holland FinTech at Money20/20 Europe

Where to find Holland FinTech at Money20/20 Europe

Money20/20 Europe is upon us, and we already released an overview of our awesome members participating in the event. Now, since we know you were all wondering, we’ll let you in on what we’re doing during one of Europe’s biggest fintech gatherings, and also where you can pick up our brand spanking new European Fintech Navigator.

 If you’re at the event, you can track us down at booth V25. We’ll be posted up here, at the Amsterdam in Business booth, and we’ll have a whole bunch of our host-off-the-press copies of our latest publication, the European Fintech Navigator. This covers the essentials when it comes to European fintech and helps people understand the intersection of finance and technology in its 260 pages featuring 17 country profiles, 23 industry expert insights, 70 supervisors, 160 investors, 211 company profiles and overviews 791 organisations.

As excitement is part and parcel to Money20/20, we’ve placed ourselves firmly in the midst of it. Our CEO, Don Ginsel, will present the results of the Money20/20 Payments Race Europe. In the race, four players will travel from London to Amsterdam . . . the long way around, navigating the entire world using a single form of payment each: card; cash; crypto, or mobile. The total trip will take two weeks, and will see contestants complete challenges and checkpoints, racing from across land and sea, with everything culminating on Tuesday, June 4 on Money20/20 Europe’s main stage.

Don will also be moderating the “Flavours of partnerships: From direct investments to innovation” panel discussion as a part of the conference’s Banking Transformation theme on Tuesday, 4 June on the Innovation Catalysis Stage. This panel will tackle topics like the varied partnership models that exist between start-ups and incumbents, what the ideal partnership looks like, and what types of partnerships are best for reaching certain goals.

If you’re interested in getting a feel for what went down in the Payments Race last year, check out the video below:

Come check us out at Money20/20 Europe, and we look forward to seeing you there!


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