Franx launches PSD2 APIs

Franx launches PSD2 APIs

Franx launches PSD2 APIs

Franx, a Dutch company who assists globally operating entrepreneurs to make international payments and handle FX transactions via its platform, has launched payment initiation and account information APIs in a production environment. In this setting, third parties can access the Franx platform.

As PSD2 is poised to increase competition in banking and related services, such as payments and account services, Franx has also released API documentation.

The documentation for API integrations can be downloaded here.

The payments initiation API allows third parties to initiate payments on Franx’s platform, while the account information API enables third parties to view information on Franx’s platform on their own sites.

Franx’s APIs can be tested in their sandbox, and users can read about the API integrations and register for the sandbox here.

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