unchain.io’s Blockchain Gateway available on AWS Marketplace

unchain.io’s Blockchain Gateway available on AWS Marketplace

unchain.io’s Blockchain Gateway available on AWS Marketplace

In step with the growing demand from Amazon’s customers for cloud services that handle blockchain deployments and integrations, unchain.io announced the availability of its Blockchain Gateway. This gateway is an enterprise-level blockchain integration platform that can connect any blockchain technology to any application on AWS Marketplace.  (The Blockchain Gateway is unchain.io’s flagship product.)

The gateway is available on AWS Marketplace as an Saas offering. Customers can customise and roll out integration pipelines using unchain.io’s proprietary cloud or their own means.

The Gateway’s core added value lies in allowing companies to integrate any blockchain with their existent legacy systems.

unchain.io’s Blockchain Gateway has been successfully used in a number of projects with clients of the Amsterdam-based outfit.

Arjeh van Oijen made the following comment on the availability of his company’s leading product on AWS Marketplace:

“From our direct involvement at the very forefront of this emerging blockchain marketplace around the world, we recognized the need for integration of these new blockchain networks into existing enterprises. A need that we address with our smart integration technology. Following the recently announced investment by Value Creation Capital, I’m now thrilled to announce the availability of The Blockchain Gateway on AWS Marketplace for our international growth, addressing a truly global opportunity.”

Last July, unchain.io, KPN, and Microsoft partnered on a blockchain-as-a-service stack, a service provided by KPN, with the blockchain integrators providing their Blockchain Gateway.

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