Visma and Finturi’s PSD2 partnership

Visma and Finturi’s PSD2 partnership

Visma and Finturi’s PSD2 partnership

Via a single API provided by Visma Connect, blockchain-based invoice financing outfit Finturi can now connect to all European banks. Visma Connect, which got started in payments, will enable Finturi to request bank account information for SMEs seeking funding on its platform, thereby allowing the company to accurately assess risk.

In order to fine-tune  and ensure SMEs on its platform get the right interest rates and their loans are paid back, the short-term receivables financing platform entered into a partnership with Visma Connect. With the latter’s assistance, Finturi will use AI to analyse structured and unstructured data with the goal of creating a risk profile for companies seeking funding via Finturi.

Additionally, Visma Connect will ensure the API is in step with GDPR.

Steven Schouten, Product Lead PSD2 at Visma Connect, noted that the differences between APIs offered by banks makes it difficult for fintechs to take advantage of PSD2. “Thanks to our service,” he goes on, “Finturi now only has a single connection that we manage. Finturi and Visma Connect are also working together to optimize the algorithms that calculate the risk scores”.

Johannes Brouwer, CEO at Finturi, called PSD2’s possibilities “huge” and stated that the company was pleased to explore them with Visma Connect.


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