Upcoming Holland FinTech Events

Upcoming Holland FinTech Events

Upcoming Holland FinTech Events

November 20th  – The Future of Banking: Innovative Solutions Roundtable

November 21st   –  Holland FinTech’s 5th Anniversary

November 25th  –  New Member Orientation

November 29th  –  Fintech Meets the Regulators

December 4th    –  Pitch Masterclass

December 10th  –  Personal Financial Management Roundtable

December 13th  –  Holland FinTech MeetUp December

Our approach towards events

At the Annual Member Summit, We presented the following 5 themes. These 5 themes are a reflection of what we see happening around the network, and form the basis of our work, through informing our activities on a strategic level and the topics of our key events which fall outside the scope of our other practice areas.  Consider this our vision statement!

Relevance to Society
We have long passed the time that all a company had to do was making a profit. Society and customers demand active participation to solve societal challenges, like poverty, financial literacy and global warming, and that each business is run according to current social standards, reflected in vivid CSR.

Security & Trust
In an ever growing digital world, we find that there are increasing security threats and fraud cases, threatening the trust in the economy and financial system. How to collaborate to protect our common interest and keep our clients confident and safe.

Beyond Compliance
New regulations create a severe burden on market participants, just like regulators are experiencing increased demand to support innovation. RegTech and SupTech enable parties to turn the challenges into an advantage.

Data Is Everything
More than ever we are we gathering data and using it to fuel business decisions and growth through AI, deep learning, machine learning etc. It is key is to understand how to maximise the value of data, and use it to serve customers better, in accordance with regulations and expectations from customers.

Customer In Demand
Dialogue with customers is changing and an increasing number of service providers, has no direct client access. How is this changing the game and what do you need to comply with current customer expectations.

We realise that our network membership base is broad and that not every topic is relevant to everyone. To make sure you are able to quickly select what is relevant to you, we’ve boiled broad categories down into specific interest areas. For 2019, the practice areas in which we’ll be hosting activities are listed below. On our events calendar, you’ll be able to filter for events by these practice areas.

Before each practice area kicks off, we’ll host a Foundations Roundtable, where we’ll bring together active players in each area and ask for specific feedback on relevant topics. We will then publish a short report, the Industry Outline Report, in which we will highlight sector specific observations.

Foundations Roundtable –  This event, structured as a roundtable will include stakeholders from each respective practice area and map out industry viewpoints, challenges and opportunities to inform the work stream for the year.

Industry Outline Report –  This is a short report produced by Holland FinTech, before the Foundations Roundtable, providing context for the priority areas and collaboration opportunities as defined during the consultation and supported by additional market research.

We want to make that no matter what practice area has your interest, your ability to engage is aligned with network offerings. To ensure uniformity across our offerings, we have divided our work tracks into 4 core components that we will apply to each Practice Area: Regulations & Compliance, Customer Experience, Technology & Data & Innovative Solutions.

We’ve had the meetings, it’s the end of the year, what’s next? We’ll produce a Wrap Up Report for each practice area, synthesising information that was presented during the various touchpoints in a practice area, presenting a holistic view on the state of practice in a certain area.

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