Billink maps demographics of pay later customers

Billink maps demographics of pay later customers

Billink maps demographics of pay later customers

Post payments specialist Billink has conducted research into customers choosing postponed payments and has concluded its findings in a free whitepaper titled ‘Know your pay later customers’. In this whitepaper an analysis of demographic factors like income, male-female ratio, and age categories is displayed and compared to the GfK Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor. This way the differences between customers choosing the pay later methods and general online shoppers is made clear.

For example, did you know that the male-female ratio between customers choosing to pay later is 40% male and 60% female, whereas for general online shoppers this is a clean 50/50 ratio.

Furthermore post payment methods appear to be more popular among a younger audience. To find more about these and other findings, download our (Dutch only) whitepaper.

If you have any questions regarding the findings or possibilities with Billink, feel free to contact us at:
+31 10 41 41 473.

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