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Innopay to co-host event on data sovereignty

Data Sharing Days – Europe’s premier data sharing event


Amsterdam, 31 Oktober 2019 – INNOPAY is proud to announce that it will be co-hosting Data Sharing Days (DDS) 2020, Europe’s premier data sharing event scheduled for 27-28 January in The Hague, The Netherlands. The key theme of DDS is ‘Using data sovereignty to create value’. Involvement with this event fits in with INNOPAY’s strategy of guiding organisations worldwide to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital transactions era.

Smart organisations realise the potential of data, and look for ways to create value. At the same time, people’s awareness is growing that they want to play a central role in all this. After all, it’s their data, isn’t it? So shouldn’t the ‘data benefit balance’ tip in their direction?

INNOPAY believes that data sovereignty should be the central design principle of the ‘data economy’: an economy in which everyone – organisations and consumers alike – will have control over their data and thrive on all the benefits resulting from data sharing. This is a challenge which policymakers and organisations must address now.

Delegates at the Data Sharing Days 2020 will actively participate in the discussion about data sharing in industry, research and governmental environments. This global event is an inspiring place to meet with interesting experts, speakers and industry partners with a shared curiosity and passion for new ideas, innovation and emerging trends.

Among the speakers will be Ruben Verborgh, Professor of Semantic Web Technology at the University of Ghent, Belgium, who will talk about ‘reshaping the web with linked data apps’. Other speakers will include Susan Morrow aansprekend spreker over women in identity, Indra Henneman, MedMij, Paul Ham xxxx with a real life case on data sharing in the terminal harbour and many more.

Journalists, organisations and government representatives are invited to attend in order to participate in two days of discussion about data sovereignty and the importance of control over data. For more information and registration go to



INNOPAY is an international consultancy firm specialised in digital transactions. We help companies anywhere in the world to harness the full potential of the digital transactions era.

We do this by delivering strategy, product development and implementation support in the domain of Digital Identity, Data Sharing, Open Banking, Payments and Digital CSR. Our sevices capture the entire strategic and operational spectrum of our client’s business, the technology they deploy, and the way they respond to local and international regulations.

We have grown from strength to strength since our foundation in 2002 and operate from our offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Berlin. Our head office is located in The Netherlands, where we have the #1 market position.

We are a founding member of Holland FinTech, a financial technology hub with links to the rest of Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia. Our team consists of over 60 experienced domain experts who regularly advise a wide range of global organisations.

For more information:

Trudy de Jong, spokesperson INNOPAY
+31 (0) 6 27 402 880

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