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Building your future wealth management solution – Whitepaper by Dorsum

About Dorsum

Dorsum delivers investment and wealth management software for financial institutions. The company is serving a wide range of organizations dealing with wealthy customers ranging from international banking groups to brokerages and smaller investment firms. With their more than two decades’ experience they have become market leaders of the Central and Eastern European region serving clients like BNP Paribas, NN and Raiffeisen Group in more than 10 countries. We have exciting news – Dorsum is now expanding to Western and Northern European markets with their remarkably popular Wealth Management Product Family – providing an insightful advisory experience for both financial advisors and their clients.

White paper summary

Dorsum Investment Software is excited to announce the publication of their newest white paper! The second volume of the two-part study on establishing client-centric service models focuses on how incumbents can utilize the hype around ESG: with a general overview, data analysis and real-life use cases, their summary is a must-read if you’re involved in the topic.


Download the white paper here.


Dorsum believes that traditional investment and wealth management providers have a strong future in the wealth management industry, and their philosophy is to help and support them in maintaining a leading role in this technology-driven world, where challenger banks, FinTech and BigTech companies are threatening their steady positions on the market. In line with these goals, Dorsum has set out to assist these players not only with their products and consultancy services, but with regularly published studies and researches.

More information at:

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