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Seamless business client onboarding due to an innovative corporation between FinTech’s Franx and Blanco

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Amsterdam, 20 January 2020 – Franx, the digital platform for currency conversions (FX) and international payments. Developed a platform with Blanco to onboard SMEs and midsized corporates via a simple digital journey. The developed technology enables Franx to onboard and open an account for clients within two days.

Franx is one of the first digital banks in the Netherlands that offers a fully streamlined digital onboarding and acceptance process for SME’s. Blanco is specialised in onboarding and client acceptance and developed similar technology for asset managers before. Together with Franx, Blanco brought the ‘onboarding’ technology to the next level to onboard business clients that want to open a business account at Franx.
Historically the onboardig and acceptance process is perceived as time-consuming and complex. Franx and Blanco simplified and digitised the process together.

Relevant legislation is embedded in the developed technology thru for example artificial intelligence to discover fraud. Contracts can be signed digitally and the organisational structure of client can be uploaded digitally. This enables Franx to minimize manual processes that take time. API’s make sure that that relevant information of for example the chamber of commerce is pulled automatically to enable a smooth acceptance process.

Jasper Wolfs, proposition manager Franx: “The cooperation between Blanco and Franx is a real success. As fintech we speak the same language and Blanco is just delivering anytime anywhere, the latter is very important”.

Joost Walgemoed, CEO van Blanco: “Due to the partnership with Franx we brought the onboarding technology and workflows to another level”. Al our clients benefit from the cooperation.

Franx is the fastest growing digital banking platform for currency conversion (FX) and international payments in the Netherlands. Digitizing the onboarding and acceptance process enables Franx to scale even faster.

Jasper Wolfs – Propositie Manager
Telefoon: +31 (0)6 38510058
E-mail: jasper.wolfs@franx

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