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Dusk Network Guest Blog: Dusk Network believes in transparency and provides insight into business performance

First Business Review shows that COVID-19 has little impact 

Dusk Network has transparency as one of its most important business values and to put its money where its mouth is, decided to publicly share information on its Q1 2020 development. Today it launches the 2020 Q1 Business Review, which provides an overview of achieved milestones, progress, highlights and financial statuses. The report also looks ahead to the projects on the agenda for the coming year.

Dusk Network is a fintech company, the blockchain platform for global financial applications. It is designed for compliance: compliance with legal requirements and internal control procedures. With Dusk Network, companies can leverage the power of public smart contracts, with the peace of mind that personal and transaction data remain completely confidential. Privacy plays an important role in this.

In 2018, Dusk Network raised a significant amount of funding, which means the company’s runway is in good shape and there is a full focus on further developing the technology. At this time in particular, the application of Dusk Network is interesting for SMEs because it speeds up processes and makes operations cheaper than the current, traditional way of doing things.


“The power of permissionless smart contracts and the privacy of permissioned ledgers: at the fingertip of any size enterprise. Especially now it can make a difference. At Dusk Network, we create privacy-respecting technology to drive innovation and cost-savings that are essential for progress, especially in times of crisis. By being transparent about our business developments, we not only propagate our own corporate values, but also hope to set an example for other companies in the fintech sector. To inspire confidence.” – Emanuele Francioni, Project & Tech Lead
Download the full 2020 Q1 Business Review


Dusk Network is the Privacy Blockchain for Financial Applications. A new standard for compliance, control and collaboration. Our mission is to enable any size enterprise to collaborate at scale, meet compliance requirements and ensure that personal and transaction data remains confidential. Companies use the Dusk Network blockchain to issue tokens, trade and collaborate via smart contracts. Founded by Jelle Pol, Emanuele Francioni, Mels Dees, Pascal Putman and Fulvio Venturelli, the company raised more than EUR €7M in 2018. Dusk Network is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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