Delta Protect Report: COVID-19 | Infrastructure Assessment in Remote Work

Delta Protect Report: COVID-19 | Infrastructure Assessment in Remote Work

Delta Protect Report: COVID-19 | Infrastructure Assessment in Remote Work

Due to the effect of COVID-19, the majority of the workforce in different companies is committed to performing tasks remotely. Security teams around the world are trying to meet their organizational goals. Well, given the current scenario and the unexpected increase in the remote workforce, implementing or improving existing security controls will be a tedious challenge.

The challenges of a growing remote workforce can be addressed with experience and skill, as well as adhering to best practices and safety standards. Delta Protect is the market leader in providing business security solutions. With the help of world-class offensive security experts who work 24 hours a day to solve these types of challenges that companies of various sectors and sizes regularly face, we solve and identify threats to Cybersecurity through an approach correct and a clear vision to achieve the objectives of our clients. To implement a secure and robust infrastructure, companies may need full-time staff dedicated to this work.

The first and most crucial step is to identify critical business components in the IT infrastructure, such as the cloud, network, servers, etc.

Once you can map all of these components, then security tasks should be created based on the priority of each asset. These tasks should be categorized to avoid miscommunication and disorder among security teams. This eventually helps focus on implementing those security measures on tasks to ensure that the organization’s remote workforce is secure.

With these goals in mind, the Delta Protect team has created a list of best security practices for businesses. In general, this list helps companies to increase their security posture to manage their remote workforce.


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