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Doing business in Corona

WL Payments Guest Blog: MOTO 2.0: Pay-by-Link and QR Code help manage payments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

MOTO 2.0: Pay-by-Link and QR Code help manage payments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Corona is closing shops

Millions of companies feel the fall out caused by the handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although most countries have their own policy in containing and battling the spread of the virus, most of them result in the closure of shops and factories unless they have been labelled as essential. Ensuring the companies’ survival during this pandemic, their owners are looking at alternative ways to keep servicing their customers while minimizing the risk of getting and spreading the coronavirus.

Searching for new ways to do business

Online sales channels are compensating for some of the lost offline business. However, not every company has those in place, especially small business owners like restaurants often do not have an alternative solution to sell their products.

We see dine-in restaurants switching to doing deliveries. People can order the food by phone and get it delivered at their doorstep. Unfortunately, the delivery person comes in close contact with the customer while collecting the payment, consequently, risking the spread of the virus.

Contactless is the new mantra

In safeguarding their employees, some of the big supermarkets have installed sheets of Plexiglass between the cash register and the customer.

Contact between customers and staff needs to be at a minimum, so even for the people that are delivering and receiving packages, an appropriate distance between them is much required.

This is the new normal

We can expect the current way of living to last for a couple of months, the anxiety will probably stay for years. This will lead to a fundamental change in the interaction between businesses and customers for a very long period.

One way to cope with this situation is to find alternatives for the transaction itself. When the goods and the money literally change hands.

Doing business in Corona

Now comes MOTO 2.0 Pay-by-link and QR Code.

MOTO is short for Mail order and Telephone order. A payment solution that offers a way to get paid when a customer is not present while buying. It provides the customers with a fast, secure and professional way to pay for goods and services. The old fashion way of MOTO had the business ask for the customer’s card details in processing them manually, hence, it needed the business to be PCI compliant. In addition, this is a vulnerable process open to fraud.

Now comes MOTO 2.0. With this, you don’t need to ask any privacy-sensitive data. The employee of the company just generates a payment link and sends this to the customer via SMS, WhatsApp, Chat-box, or email where the customer can pay for the transaction instantly with any of the payment methods that the merchant offers and not being limited to cards only. After the payment is done, the employee checks in real-time if the transaction was successful and fulfils his part of the transaction.

Want to learn more about MOTO 2.0 pay-by-link please leave your contact details here

Be well and be safe!

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