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Ginger Guest Blog: Innovation speedboat for your Merchant Services

Noticing that you’re really up against the wind when it comes to evolving your merchant services? Feel like a container ship navigating through the rapids of today’s payment landscape? Ginger’s innovation speedboat is just the answer.

Awash with options

Today’s landscape – or seascape if you will – is one where banks team up in a joint venture with trusted international card processors. While these player’s reputations are hard-earned in securely handling large volumes of card payments, in today’s changing payments environment, they can be slow to innovate when banks seek to add new products and solutions.

From large banks to the smallest payment providers, financial institutions of all sizes face the challenge of overhauling processing systems. Adding features, markets and/or currencies to existing solutions with legacy providers usually involves the time-consuming and tedious process of negotiating a long contract. These providers generally struggle to compete on price as they take a fee per transaction and a percentage of the overall amount. Evidence shows how, as a result of this, banks are losing out to competitors such as Stripe, Adyen, Square, and PayPal.

Ginger offers the best of both worlds

Legacy card processors are great at what they do; however, they often lack the flexibility offered by a fintech partner like Ginger. Research strongly suggests that merchant service providers must be agile and seek the right partners to successfully navigate this transition period. This is why Ginger offers the best of both worlds: We work alongside your current provider when it comes to implementing new systems, incorporating alternative payment methods, or adding languages and currencies as you enter new markets.

Ginger offers a complete omnichannel solution integrated with existing providers. This means that when it comes to facing the tidal wave of payment options, financial institutions no longer have to choose between their robust credit card processor and an agile fintech company. At Ginger, we call ourselves the innovation speedboat because we are your fast-moving but thorough, lithe but reliable fintech partner that offers the latest online payment solutions without sacrificing your existing systems.

Why choose Ginger?

When you partner with us, we commit to:

  • Helping you shorten time-to-market when it comes rounding-out your current offering with additional (alternative) payment products;
  • Offering flexibility in future-proofing your merchant services by allowing you to choose only the features you need;
  • Combining eCommerce and point of sale payments in one solution with an accessible overview for your merchants (i.e., integrating with Clover and other systems);
  • Supplying a middleware layer that ties together each providers’ strongest functionalities;
  • Facilitating smooth migrations of merchants between providers or creating a co-existing solution; and
  • Improving customer experience by creating a seamless onboarding process.

Ginger is the speedboat that will propel you forward when navigating the waters of today’s payment landscape. We promise it will be smooth sailing when you entrust your merchant services expansion to Ginger.

Don’t just drift along, choose Ginger and add some speed, momentum, and agility to your merchant services today!

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