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Fortech wins “Internal CSR Campaign” of the year at the CSR Romanian awards
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RedSnap’s FinTech Cappucino Podcast features Oliver Bullough

Hosted by Conny Dorrestijn (Founder of Bankifi) and Brian van Wachem (Founder of RedSnap), the podcast series will invite fintech experts from around the globe to discuss all things fintech.  This episode featured Oliver Bullough, an award-winning journalist, author, and commentator, specializing in the former Soviet Union and illicit money flows.

His latest book from 2018 is called Moneyland, in which Oliver embarks on a journey into the secret country of the lawless, stateless superrich.

In this FinTech Cappuccino podcast we attempt to answer questions such as:

  • Why is it so hard to tackle financial crime?
  • Do we actually WANT to solve financial crime?
  • Can Fintech help solving financial crime?

If you haven’t already, do read Moneyland, but… do not read the book as a “how to” guide! Enjoy the podcast!

Listen to this podcast here

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