What is “Liveness”?

In biometrics, Liveness Detection is an AI computer system’s ability to determine that it is interfacing with a physically present human being and not an inanimate spoof artifact. So, fraudsters using stolen photos, Deep Fake videos, or masks in order to access or create online accounts will be uncovered and stopped.

How to measure the successful of the application

The sophistication of a biometric system is measured by the False Acceptance Rate (FAR). This is a specific key performance indicator that measures false acceptances with a biometric security system. It tracks and evaluates the precision of a biometric system, and therefore determines the rate at which unauthorized users are verified by the system.

Current regulations require a biometric system for governmental use to have a FAR of below 0.1%. In general, AI-powered solutions are able to outperform even these very high requirements. IDnow AutoIdent has a FAR of only 0.05%.

The new IDnow Liveness Detection solution

The new solution offers an even better False Acceptance Rate of 0,00002% (that’s 1/4.2 Million!). Furthermore, the user experience has been significantly improved based on usage data and user feedback: our previous design required users to rotate their heads, which wasn’t too comfortable for many. With the new solution, the user just has to move his face closer to the camera, and the Liveness Detection will recognize and confirm in less than two seconds that it is indeed a live person’s face. This is not only an incredibly smooth user experience, but it also provides the highest level of security: even advanced masks, imposters, lookalikes, and doppelgangers can be spotted with an unprecedented level of accuracy.
How Liveness Detection prevents identity fraud. 2

Trust in AI-powered solutions

IDnow continues to see an increasing trust in AutoIdent – from January until June, transactions have increased over 1000%. And based on our expertise, this confidence is justified: with the new Liveness Detection solution, we are able to provide an outstanding user experience and reliably prevent identity fraud at the same time.

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