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InvestFem: The first global database of female-founded businesses

InvestFem is the first global curated solution for female-founded businesses to find aligned investors 100% committed to funding female entrepreneurs. InvestFem is a not-for-profit initiative. Our mission is to empower, break barriers, and accelerate success for women in business. We are committed to building a strong and rapidly evolving network that connects women founders and their companies with investors who believe in the potential of female entrepreneurs.

·      Are you a woman business founder and looking for funding?
·      Or an investor looking to fund female-founded start-ups?

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important drivers of innovation, economic growth, and employment opportunities. Yet, gender inequality in venture capital investments is ubiquitous worldwide — meaning one of the biggest roadblocks for women entrepreneurs is getting access to funds.In 2019, only 3% of venture funding in the US went to startups with a female founder. In the UK, it was just 1%. (Read more)

It’s time for female-founded businesses to receive the support their innovations deserve.

At InvestFem, we are committed to breaking down these barriers, unleashing the power of women entrepreneurs, and accelerating success by connecting investors to female business owners easily, and quickly. It’s time to empower women entrepreneurs. It’s time for actions to change the statistics. Join our female founders and investors database and be part of the movement.

Join our global network of female founders and investors. It’s time to empower women entrepreneurs. It’s time for action and together we can change not only the statistics but business itself for the better.

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