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Solvinity Case Study: Measurable security, SOC 2 and flexibility for Faster Forward

Our client Faster Forward develops software for financial services. By complying strict security requirements they offer their customers extra confidence that their data and it’s processing are well protected. With our scalable PaaS solution and SOC 2 compliance, they have the security and flexibility they need without the technical burdens.

Flexibility that meets the highest standards

Many processes are involved when taking out a mortgage, insurance, or arranging a pension. With the software from Faster Forward both intermediaries and insurance agents can offer the financial products of banks, insurers and other financial service providers to consumers. Every day 3400 professionals use the Elements software platform.

The relatively small team wanted to move their services to a safe, reliable and flexible environment and an experienced IT partner. Due to regulations Faster Forward customers needed to keep their data and data processing in the Netherlands. To ensure this, the partner had to be a Dutch company with a SOC 2 certification. Faster Forward chose Solvinity.

Managed Cloud & Security Services

The hosting was transferred to the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) of Solvinity. This allows a quick set-up of applications within a pre-set infrastructure, tailored to the demand. With the virtual platform you can easily scale up and down in capacity. This way the capacity always matches the demand without having to pay too much. In addition to the price and flexibility of this PaaS solution, SOC 2 was an important qualification factor: the extent to which Solvinity focused on this was not encountered anywhere else.

There was an instant click between Solvinity and Faster Forward in terms of mentality, creativity and approach. The developers of Faster Forward could contact Solvinity’s dedicated customer team for technical requests. Because the team has built the application from scratch and knew how it behaved, they were able to act quickly and adequately, and proactively help working out solutions. The level of knowledge that Solvinity has of applications, environments, and their behavior on the platform, provided Faster Forward valuable feedback that was needed to align the applications. Thereby achieving efficiency and cost savings.

The benefits of cooperation

  • Data and applications can remain in the Netherlands
  • Security for Faster Forward Elements is enhanced thanks to SOC 2 certification
  • A Dutch hosting partner and SOC 2 certification make Faster Forward Elements suitable for more customers
  • The PaaS model enables rapid (cost)efficient, short and long-term changes


“We can benefit from the experiences that Solvinity has gained. They have PaaS and working with the DevOps principle in their genes.” – Jochem Blok, Senior Web Application Engineer at Faster Forward

Meanwhile Faster Forward Elements has been expanded with various integrations via APIs, and as a result the package can now be included in the chain of financial service providers.

If you like to know more about this partnership and the outcomes, you can download the complete case study here. Find out more about Solvinity here.

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