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Replay: Embedding RegTech to manage the vastly Interlinked Sustainable Finance Regulations

Yesterday we had the opportunity to organize an unique online event with leading industry experts from the dutch and Frankfurt am Main financial sectors – Allen & Overy Deutschland and Compendor. 

The session covered the most recent regulatory developments, with a special focus on the Sustainable Disclosure Regulation and how to close compliance gaps. In the session, Alexander Behrens, Partner at Allen & Overy, presented a strategic overview of ESG regulatory landscape and Elmo Olieslagers, Partner at Compendor, emphasized strategies on closing the compliance gaps.

Agenda & Topics Covered

  1. Sustainable Finance – General context
  2. Overview of drivers for complexities
    – Overview of complex law making process
    – No single act – instead sustainability rules are scattered around different areas of law
    – Timing is not aligned
    – Many of these acts contain different approaches and many of them are interconnected
  3. How can RegTech support with the complexities?
    – Demo

Main takeaways

  • Update on the most recent regulatory developments strongly focusing on the Sustainable Disclosure Regulation
  • How the SFR solution keeps track of the latest changes in the legislation and the impact on an organization in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • How to use the SFR solution across the bank’s subsidiaries and branches via one standardized assessment approach
  • How 100% traceability is ensured. Per each requirement, gap oversight is available including a link on compliance evidence (audit trail)
  • How the collection of evidence on compliance statements functions
  • How this enables global oversight due to a singular standardized approach and helps with project management


“The new Sustainable Finance Framework” – presentation by Allen & Overy Deutschland and Compendor
    • What are the sustainable finance expectations in Europe?
    • Drivers for rise of sustainability/ESG
    • Sustainable Finance – General context
    • Overview of reasons for high level of complexity
    • The starting point for complexity: the European law making approach
    • The variety of affected areas of law, products and business lines and how everything fits together
    • Complexity due to timelines & interdependencies
    • First strategic insights for the business considering the new legislation
    • How can RegTech support?


Download The news Sustainable Finance Framework

“ESG Compliance Assistant” by Allen & Overy Deutschland

ESG Compliance Assistant is a software solution which helps you to efficiently and consistently implement and keep up-to-date the Sustainable Finance Framework of your organisation

    • What is it and what does it cover?
    • Who should use it?
    • Why should you use the Allen & Overy ESG Compliance Assistant?


Download ESG Comliance Assistant

In case you missed the online session, check out the YouTube recording:

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