Replay: Payment Integration for the Real-Time World

The digital payments landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation, characterized by a rise in technological developments being made available as new services to bank customers and business partners. With these developments comes instant access, more convenient ways to make payments and an ever-rising level of expectation from customers.

On November 4th, we invited SEEBURGER and SAS to share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities offered by Real-Time payment integration.

SEEBURGER kicked off the session by presenting about “The Integration Process for the Real-time World”.

SAS then took over to take the perspective of “Fraud and AML Solutions in the Payment Integration Flow”

If you want to hear the full insights from the experts themselves, we have a replay available here:


SEEBURGER Presentation: The Integration Process for the Real-Time World
0:00 Presentation start by Matt Burns of SEEBURGER
1:46 Market Trends in Financial Services industry
5:08 Challenges and pain points
8:25 Hub Cloud Service – Key Drivers
11:25 Agile Payments Orchestration
12:48 Benefits
16:37 Smarter Payments for a Global Bank
18:35 Hybrid Integration Platform for Financial Institutions
19:44 SEEBURGER company information

SAS Presentation: Payments Data in Fraud and AML
21:06 Presentation start by Ian Holmes of SAS
21:31 World Payments report stats
23:00 Risk Management consolidation
26:33 Drivers in the industry
29:54 Usage of data and the key areas of coverage
33:01 Fraud & AML requirements
34:27 Scam fraud levels
38:10 Areas of advanced analytics
40:37 SAS approach
42:15 SAS overview

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