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16 Online Meetup Groups in Europe

Article by Holland FinTech

Fintech has inevitably transformed itself throughout the years, with new developments and innovations always thriving through the competitive landscape. At Holland FinTech, we believe in the exchange of ideas across regions, and staying informed with the latest trends from the ecosystem. We therefore bring you a selection of the top Fintech Meetups in Europe, to stay tuned with the developments of financial technology. We do recognise that Covid-19 has been a struggle for organisers, of which only a couple were able to take their offering online, but we believe that these gatherings of fintech experts should be on your radar, as soon as the situation permits. We have selected just the largest meetups per city, with over 1.000 members and focus on fintech, from across Europe!

1. Tel Aviv-Yafo: FinTech Aviv

Topics: Fintech, networking
Registered People: 8032
Description: FinTech Aviv, the Israeli FinTech Association, is operating in order to gather the Israeli minds in the FinTech industry, including innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and experts, all together in the same space.

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2. London: New Finance UK

Topics: Global updates on financial services.
Registered People: 5557
Description: NewFinance is a Global Business Network of over 15,000 Professionals actively involved in advancing Financial Services through Innovations in Technology. The members include the full spectrum of the Industry from Entrepreneurs to Enterprises, Technologists, Investors, Service providers, Academics, Students, and Government departments and agencies to name but a few.

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3. Amsterdam: Holland FinTech Meetup

Topics: Updates on latest fintech developments, cool startups and innovative projects, insights from subject matter experts, connecting the Dutch and international fintech ecosystem.
Registered people: 5154
Description: This Meetup group joins people that want to gain and share knowledge on FinTech, meet entrepreneurs, investors, people from financial institutions and other stakeholders.

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4. Berlin: N26 Tech Product Design

Topics: ground breaking technologies, product and design methodologies
Registered People: 4867
Description: N26 is building the first mobile bank the world loves to use. Today N26 has more than 5 million customers in 26 markets across Europe who generate over €2 billion in monthly transaction volume. The Mobile Bank N26 entered the US market in July 2019 where it operates via its wholly-owned subsidiary, N26 Inc., based in New York.

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5. Frankfurt: Fintech in and around Frankfurt

Topics: fintech pitches, networking
Registered People: 4328
Description: The goal of the group is to create a platform for fintech enthusiasts, founders, potential founders and anybody who is interested in the changes to come in the financial services industry. In this course they are also aiming at strengthening the fintech community as part of the local ecosystem and contribute to Frankfurt’s future position as a financial services hub of the next generation.

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6. Brussels: Finance Belgium Meetup

Topics: fintech trends & developments; networking
Registered People: 2681
Description: This is a meetup for financial professionals, startup entrepreneurs and investors, who are interested in discovering and discussing disruptive business models and new technology for the financial services industry.

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7. München: München InsurTech Meetup

Topics: FinTech and InsurTech innovations, movements, developments
Registered People: 2286
Description:This community is the meeting place for all Fin/InsurTech enthusiasts and Fin/InsurTech experts. Let us talk about innovations, movements, developments and exemplary players in FinTech and InsurTech, discuss new trends and get to know each other and our passions for the topics. Everybody is welcome to an exciting exchange of experiences and views, feel free to speak out and interact, that is what the Meetup is designed for.

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8. Budapest: Fintech Meetup Budapest

Topics: Central and Eastern Europe in fintech, insurtech and financial innovation
Registered People: 2194
Description: Their meetups focus on the intersection of the financial sector and innovative digital technologies, while keeping an eye on the innovation strategies of all relevant ecosystem players, including incumbent financial institutions, challenging fintech and big tech companies.

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9. Genève: Geneva FinTech & Sustainable Finance Community

Topics: Fintech updates, trends & developments
Registered People: 2110
Description:At Geneva FinTech Community, we are changing the way entrepreneurs, corporates and consultants are interacting in Geneva in the field of financial services. New and more diverse connections for you lead to more numerous and meaningful opportunities, whether in the FinTech startup space or within/servicing established companies.

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10. Milano: Italian Financial Technology

Topics: events and progress of Italian Financial Technology.
Registered People: 1982
Description: Italian Financial Technology is the meet-up of the fintech sector and its Italian ecosystem.
The union between finance and technology has given rise to a mix of high innovative potential, which will characterize the financial sector of the near future – more transparent, disintermediated and efficient. Every important financial center is starting to move to facilitate this transaction and Milan must not be outdone either.

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11. Warsaw: Fintech Trends Poland

Topics: Fintech, Technology
Registered People: 1843
Description: Powering Fintech community in Poland. Independent, membership-based association, connecting and building local Fintech ecosystems.

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12. Zürich: Swiss FinteCH

Topics: local FinTech scene, Fintech, technology, and innovation
Registered People: 1796
Description: Swiss FinteCH is the place to connect with those in the local FinTech scene and an interest in financial services, technology, and innovation. It is the place to come together on a regular basis to learn, share, and network. We are a community of industry leader entrepreneurs, VCs, academics, and others with a shared interest to foster a more resilient future for the Swiss Financial Center. Ultimately, the objective is to increase visibility of the opportunity for finteCH in Zurich and help support the development of a local ecosystem.

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13. Paris: France Fintech

Topics: Fintech, Technology, Startups
Registered People: 1449
Description: Do you like fintech?Do you like tech? Do you like startups? Are you curious to know more and learn at each meetup?
So join the France Fintech community!

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14. Köln: FinTech und InsurTech Meetup Cologne – Bonn

Topics: InsurTech Projects, Startups, Topics
Registered People: 1422
Description: This is a group for anyone interested or working in FinTech and InsurTech Projects, Startups, Topics. In this Meetup series I would like us to come together and discuss facets of this young and thrilling industry.
Tag cloud: crowdinvesting, crowdfunding, P2P Lending, mobile payment, cryptocurrencies, new banking, wealth building, investing, banking APIs, finance portals, insurance, insurtech, web mobile and embedded apps.

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15. Stockholm: Deep Learning and Automation in Fintech – Sthlm

Topics: FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech and related risk transferring / hedging industries
Registered People: 1073
Description: Here we will put forward and discuss new approaches of Deep Learning and Automation in risk modelling and asset allocation with focus in FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech and related risk transferring / hedging industries. Developments in other industries will also be considered if there is a distinguished insight for the named sectors.

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16. Luxembourg: FinTech Luxembourg

Topics: FinTech, startups and SMEs in Luxembourg.
Registered People: 1154
Description: According to LuxembourgForFinance, “Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund center in the world after the United States, the premiere captive reinsurance market in the European Union, and the premiere private banking center in the Eurozone. The financial sector is the largest contributor to the Luxembourg economy.”

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London (extra): Fintech Women UK

Topics: gender diversity, fintech, networking
Registered People: 1286
Description: Fintech Women is a regular London-based meet-up formed two years ago in response to the challenge of gender diversity across Financial Services and Technology, and in recognition of the fact that women within the FinTech sector may not have access to inspiring female role models and colleagues within their own networks.

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