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AMDAX: Netherlands’ First Crypto Exchange and Asset Manager with a DNB Registration acquires BurgerCrypto

AMDAX is the Netherlands’ first crypto exchange and asset manager with a DNB registration. AMDAX recently acquired BurgerCrypto. This makes AMDAX the first crypto asset manager in the Netherlands. The company enables clients to purchase, store and professionally manage cryptocurrencies. AMDAX offers personal advice, a secure infrastructure and professional services in the field of crypto.

First integral service provider for crypto investors

According to Lucas Wensing, Director of AMDAX, ‘More and more high-net-worth individuals see cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as an interesting long-term investment. Thanks in part to that, we’ve grown by 450 percent since the summer. Marcel Burger, the founder of BurgerCrypto, is the Netherlands’ pioneer and expert in the field of crypto asset management. By acquiring BurgerCrypto and Burger’s expertise and portfolio, we are making it easier and more accessible for people to actively invest in crypto assets. We are the first company to offer an integral solution for investing, managing and trading cryptocurrency. That’s bringing more maturity and professionalism to the crypto market.’ Marcel Burger, Founder of BurgerCrypto, says, ‘AMDAX is  the Netherlands’ market leader in transaction and depositary services for high-net-worth individuals who own crypto assets. It is the first crypto company to be registered with the DNB and the only one that serves business clients and financial institutions in addition to private individuals. Together, we are optimally positioned to cater to the growing demand for crypto as an investment. There is momentum for crypto investment right now, also because more people are investing in Bitcoin to hedge against inflation risks.’

AMDAX encourages oversight and regulation

AMDAX serves users who own crypto portfolios of at least €25,000. Because it is registered with the DNB, the company can provide both transactional and depositary services for cryptocurrencies. Since 21 November, this registration has become mandatory, as the government seeks to counteract the use of cryptocurrency in terrorism financing and money laundering. AMDAX encourages regulation in the field of crypto asset management. Wensing says, ‘We welcome regulation, because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still too often wrongfully associated with criminality. Regulation will help crypto to grow even faster into a mainstream form of investment.’

About BurgerCrypto

BurgerCrypto has been providing active crypto management services to high-net-worth individuals since 2018. Founder Marcel Burger is renowned for his critical writings on model validations of various popular predictive models. He regularly publishes and speaks on quantitative analyses of the Bitcoin exchange rate and is a frequent guest among podcasts and conferences both within the Netherlands and abroad.


AMDAX specialises in digital asset management for investors with a portfolio of at least 2.5 Bitcoin. It supports these clients in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, as well as (insured) depositing. AMDAX was the first company of its kind to be registered by the DNB and works to provide access to cryptocurrencies in a personalised, professional way. The company has grown by 100 percent each month and expects to manage €10 million in crypto assets by the end of 2020.

Read the original press release here. Learn out more about AMDAX & BurgerCrypto in the Cryptocast below (in Dutch):

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