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Replay: InsurTech – Open Insurance

With the insurance system being on the verge of a major transition, we, at Holland FinTech, involved the future of the insurance programme that really is emphasized at bringing together the whole insurance ecosystem, from insurance brokers, agents, reinsurers, to everyone in the value chain needs to be involved, due to the fact that all relevant parties are experiencing the same shift. By organizing this event, we tried to bring everyone together in one place, and have a first stop to talk about open insurance, as well as the key developments that are actually influencing the ecosystem. We brought you an accurate overview on everything currently happening, such as active players in the Dutch market, from an InsurTech perspective. However, the focus of the session was not only on start-ups, but rather it focused on whole industry, where incumbent players, but also service providers, technology providers, regulators, universities, all meet to participate, since these experts are influencing the way we think about these developments, and also they help us understand and adapt to the world that’s changing around us.

One current trend that has been observed for banking and financial industry is Open Banking, which has transformed the fintech ecosystem. Furthermore, we now see similar movements for Insurance. What can we learn from Open Banking? What is clearly different? In order to answer these questions, we organized an online event surrounding the topic of insurance on December 2nd.

Our expert speakers included:

In case you missed the event or would like to re-watch the session, check out the video below. 

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