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Security Awareness as a Service with Solvinity

In recent years, a lot of progress has been made to improve the security of organisations at the technological level, but people remain a weak link for many organisations. “We know that even experienced employees with good IT systems knowledge can unintentionally cause security incidents with a careless move,” says Hans van den Broek, CEO of managed IT service provider Solvinity. “Now that people are structurally working from home, we’ve noticed that these risks continue to increase because people’s work lives and private lives are entwining, or as a result of the introduction of new applications, for instance. Furthermore, active attempts to abuse the COVID-19 crisis are being made. 

That’s why Solvinity has expanded its portfolio earlier this year with a Security Awareness Service. This new service offers a continuous awareness programme which helps customers’ employees use information technology more consciously, with a view to increasing the general resilience of organisations. The service is part of a broad Secure Managed IT Services package that especially helps organisations with high security requirements. 

It gives employees insight into the risks of working with IT and ensures that everyone knows what to do should anything go wrong. “Solvinity knows from experience that when employees are continuously made aware of their responsibility, they start keeping one another more informed,” says van den Broek. “We are building a culture in which everyone is alert and mistakes can be discussed.” 

Solvinity wants to provoke a change in which every employee feels a shared responsibility for the security of the organisation. “That is something that organisations should always be working on. We have been doing so ourselves for years, through educational programmes, for instance, and regular phishing tests for our own employees,” says Van den Broek. “Our customers saw the results and asked us to do something similar for their organisations. With the Security Awareness Service, we are meeting this demand in a way that is flexible and accessible.”

The ongoing Security Awareness programme consists of various modules that are tailored to the customer’s specific demands and requirements. For some organisations, it complements efforts that they are already making in this area. Others want to fully outsource this responsibility. Solvinity determines which solution matches the existing situation of each individual customer.

The Security Awareness Service is offered as a ‘Solution Block’. Solution Blocks are additional services to Solvinity’s service portfolio. The Security Awareness Service basically consists of an e-learning programme (available in eight languages) with various campaign materials developed by an organisation that is very experienced in security awareness and with which Solvinity has entered into partnership. The service can easily be expanded with an online security audit and various trainings, practical tests and simulations, amongst other things. 

You can find more information about Solvinity and the Security Awareness Service here

Read more about Solvinity here.

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